What Every Ferret Needs in His Cage

No matter what kind of pet you have, there are some obvious things that he will need, like food. With other animals, it’s pretty obvious that your new friend will need a cage.

However, there are a few things that some critters need that you might not expect! Here are just a few things that every ferret needs, according to a professional vet.

Hammocks and sleep sacks

Some kind of sleeping place is a must for every animal, but the needs of a ferret are unique. Although they will definitely enjoy a nesting box, nothing beats a hammock or sleep sack.

Unlike other animals that want to dig and burrow to hide all the time, ferrets love hanging around in their cage! They love to dig too, but hammocks and sleep sacks provide them with a great place to take a nap.

It’s also worth noting that those sleep sacks and hammocks need to be washed! They can get quite smelly, so plan on having a few so you can rotate them between the cage and the washing machine.

Litter box

It might seem strange, because ferrets are caged critters, but they can benefit greatly from having a litter box.

Ferrets can be litter trained! They prefer to go potty in the same area, so having a litter box is always a good idea. You can even remove the litter box and place it in a play area when your pet is outside the cage.

Having a litter box makes cleaning up easier too. Instead of dumping the whole cage multiple times a day, you can simply dump and replace the litter in the box.

Plenty of toys

You’re probably thinking it’s pretty obvious that your pet needs toys, but you may not realize just how important it is. Ferrets are more curious and more intelligent than other caged critters, so it is important to keep them busy.

Plan on having quite a few toys in the cage at a time, with others packed away in a drawer, so you can switch them out frequently to keep things fresh and interesting.

Wondering what else you need in order to make sure your ferret is happy and healthy? Your local vet can provide you with a complete list of must-have items for your pet’s cage.


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