Reasons Why Your Rat Might Be Sneezing

It’s completely normal for a rat to sneeze. However, your rodent should only sneeze every once in a while. If he starts sneezing frequently, there is likely a problem.
Here are a few reasons why your rat might be sneezing, according to a professional animal hospital.

The bedding
Rats have amazing olfactory senses. They can pick up smells much more easily than we can. Unfortunately, that means they can also be easily bothered by the stuff in the cage.
The most likely culprit of your rat’s sneezing behavior is the bedding. Pine and cedar shaving are popular with pet parents because these varieties are extremely affordable. They smell pretty good too. However, they can be very dusty. They are also likely to contain phenol oils that can exacerbate your furry friend’s symptoms.
Instead, choose Carefresh bedding or Aspen shavings. These two bedding types are less dusty and don’t contain harmful oils or chemicals.

Air fresheners, candles, and perfumes
Not only can the bedding in the cage bother your rat, general smells in the air can cause problems for his respiratory system as well. Air fresheners, candles, and perfumes might be the reason why your pet is sneezing so much.
Keep the air fresheners out of the room where your rat is located. Spray perfume, hairspray, and apply lotion in the bathroom, far away from your pet.

Poor ventilation
Rats can happily live in glass aquariums, but they have poor ventilation. If not cleaned on a regular basis, ammonia can build up inside the living environment and cause your pet to sneeze more than he should.
Even metal barred cages can cause problems if not cleaned properly. Strive to clean your rat’s potty spot at least once a day. The entire cage needs to be dumped and wiped clean at least once a week, which includes wiping the metal bars.

If you’ve tried everything listed above and your pet is still sneezing, he could be sick. All rats carry mycoplasma bacteria, but not all are affected by it. If your rodent starts sneezing incessantly, the bacteria is affecting his health. It can quickly turn into a respiratory infection, which can be deadly.
Know more details about pet’s health care tips; schedule an appointment with your local animal hospital.


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