Tips on Getting Your Rabbit to Cooperate

If you think cats are stubborn, you haven’t lived with a rabbit! Getting your bunny to do what you ask can seem like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.
These tips from a professional pet clinic will help you get your rabbit to cooperate, whether you’re trying to hold him, put him into an animal carrier, or get him to come when he’s called.

Make sure your rabbit feels safe and comfortable
No animal will want to cooperate if it doesn’t have a home where it feels safe and comfortable. That means setting up your rabbit’s cage the right way and placing it in the right area of your home.
Make sure your rabbit’s cage is clean and he has plenty of room to hop around. He should always have access to food, water, and hay.
Keep your bunny’s cage away from other animals, like cats and dogs, but try and keep your pet in an area where he can still feel like a member of your family. The den, living room, and a bedroom are all good options.

Get down on your rabbit’s level
The size difference between you and your rabbit is huge. As a prey animal, your bunny will never forget this. If you want to get him to cooperate with you, get down on his level.
Sit or lay on the floor any time you want to interact with your rabbit. Don’t force your pet to interact with you. Instead, wait for his natural curiosity to kick in. It may take a while, but your bunny will eventually come over and ask for a little attention.

Interact with your pet on his terms
If you want your pet to cooperate, you have to interact with him on his terms. Don’t hover over your rabbit, make any loud noises, or move quickly. Strive to be a calm, friendly presence that your bun wants to be around.
Treats don’t hurt! Try calling your rabbit over by saying his name and making a clicking sound with your mouth. When he comes to inspect, provide him with a snack.
Some rabbits are shyer than others, so don’t get discouraged if your bunny moves slowly. If you could use a little more help training your furry friend, schedule an appointment with your local pet clinic. For more details about animal care tips, click on the link.


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