Travel Tips for Guinea Pigs

Planning a trip to your local vet clinic? Or maybe you’re moving a few states over? No matter what your reason for packing up your guinea pig, traveling can be stressful for your furry little friend. Here are some tips for traveling safely and comfortably with your pet.

A cage or carrier?
The first thing you need to determine is whether you should put your guinea pig in a special carrier or if you can bring him along in his cage.
If you’re planning a short trip, like to the vet, a carrier is probably the best bet. That way you don’t have to try and lug a huge cage in and out of the clinic. If you do decide to use a carrier, make sure it provides plenty of ventilation for your guinea pig. There should also be enough room for your pet to turn around a full 360 degrees. If you have trouble finding the right small animal carrier, a cat carrier can work quite well.
If you’re planning a longer trip, either for vacation or because you’re moving, it’s best if you can keep your guinea pig in his cage. That way he can eat, drink, and go potty at his own leisure. If you choose to use a carrier, you’ll have to plan times to remove your pet, which means bringing along a pen or a harness and leash.

Placement in the car
Be mindful of where you place your pig in the car. The trunk can be a bit bumpy, dark, and lonely, so avoid it if you can. The backseat is okay for your pet if he’s in his cage, but if he’s in a carrier, consider setting him in the passenger’s seat next to you.
Guinea pigs can be sensitive to changes in temperature. If it’s particularly hot and sunny, consider draping a towel over the cage. If it’s cold, warm up the car before you head out on your adventure.
If you really want to make sure that your guinea pig is comfortable in the car, consider taking a few test runs in the neighborhood. Just make sure you provide your furry friend with plenty of treats!
For even more tips about health care tips on traveling with your guinea pig, or to learn how to travel on a plane with your pet, call your vet clinic.


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