Best Snakes to Keep as Pets

So, you’re interested in keeping a snake as a pet? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that these slithery little critters are much easier to care for than you think! You just have to make sure that you choose the right animal.
Here are just a few of the best snakes to keep as pets.

Corn snake
The corn snake tops the list of nearly every vet clinic for quite a few reasons. First, this reptile only grows to be about five feet in length, which is a reasonable size, even for a beginner. They have fairly decent temperaments and can easily be tamed and handled on a regular basis, which makes this animal a great choice for a child who wants to interact with their pet.
Feeding can be a challenge with some pets. That’s not the case with the corn snake. They easily adapt to eating pre-killed rodents, even if they have been frozen. With the right care, this animal can live for a decade or more.

The kingsnake is a great choice for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. They grow to be between four and six feet in length, can be handled by their owners, and they happily accept pre-killed prey for dinner.
This type of snake does very well in captivity, so you can expect your reptile to live a long and healthy life. The kingsnake also comes in many different patterns and colors. Because this animal is so easy to keep as a pet and there are so many varieties of species and subspecies to choose from, you’ll want to keep more than one!

Gopher snake
Gopher snakes are great pets for many of the reasons that have already appeared on this list, but they are the tamest of all the choices.
When raised by hand, they are extremely docile and have pleasant temperaments. An added benefit of this animal is the fact that it is quite predictable, even when it’s out of the cage. For this one reason, the gopher snake is preferred by many people.

Ball python
There’s just something alluring about the look of a ball python. They make great pets too, but they can be quite picky about what they eat.
Need help choosing the right snake for you? Plan a visit with your local vet clinic.


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