Easy Tips for Getting Your Rabbit to Use the Litter Box

Cats aren’t the only critters that can use the litter box! Rabbits can be trained to use the box too, and it can make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning your pet’s cage. You just have to convince your bunny to go potty where he’s supposed to!

Here are some tips for doing just that.

Buy the right box

Rabbits like to go potty in the same area of the cage, but that doesn’t mean that going potty is the only thing your bunny will do there. In order to make sure your pet is interested in going in the litter box in the first place, it should be large enough for him to lie down in.

The shape of the litter box doesn’t matter very much, but you do have to make sure your rabbit can comfortably hop inside it. You may also want to consider having a few different boxes in the cage, depending on how many areas your bunnies like to use as a potty.

Pile plenty of hay on top

According to a professional vet clinic, if you really want to convince your bunny to visit the litter box on a regular basis, you should pile plenty of hay on top. Although it may sound strange, rabbits love to snack while they go potty!

Your rabbit can never have too much hay, so plan on placing a generous portion on the litter box once in the morning and again in the evening.

Clean the box often

Rabbits are very clean creatures. They clean themselves just like cats do! Not only do they like to keep themselves clean, they also appreciate a clean cage.

If the box is dirty, your bunny may decide to go elsewhere. In order to keep the box clean, plan on dumping it, wiping it out, and replacing the litter at least once every other day. Once a day would be even better.

Choose the right litter

Choosing the right litter is important too. Cat litter won’t do. Instead, use regular bedding or a special litter made just for small pocket pets or rabbits.

Still having trouble litter training your rabbit? Give your local vet clinic a call for professional tips and advice. Click on the link to know animal care.


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