Dealing with Rabbit Odors

There are challenges, no matter what kind of pet you have. One challenge that just comes along with the territory is nasty animal odors, and this can definitely be the case with rabbits. Fortunately, with the help of a professional pet clinic, you can eliminate nasty bunny odors in your home.

Use a litter tray and clean it often

Rabbits are really good at cleaning themselves. As a matter of fact, they rival cats when it comes to keeping themselves clean. If your bunny smells, the cage is likely to blame.

If you want to keep the cage cleaner, and if you want to make cleanup even easier, teach your pet to use the litter box. Choose a tray that is large enough for your bunny to fit inside. Fill it with rabbit-friendly litter, then place a few droppings in it so your furry friend knows what it’s for.

When your rabbit starts using his litter box regularly, you’ll have to clean it just as regularly. To cut back on odors, plan to replace the litter every single day.

Scrub the entire cage

Even if your bun uses the litter box, you’re still going to have to clean the entire cage at least once a week. Many pet parents simply dump out the old bedding and replace it with new, but this isn’t enough.

Before filling the cage with new bedding, it really needs to be scrubbed with a bunny-friendly cleaner. You should also wipe off all of your pet’s accessories and toys. Cloth beds need to be thrown in the washer.

Neuter or spay your pet

If after all that your bunny still smells bad, he may need to be fixed. Male bunnies are especially prone to smelling bad because they can spray in the cage, and they aren’t good about using the litter box to do it.

Not only will spaying or neutering your pet cut back on odors, it can also eliminate annoying behaviors as well.

Schedule a professional appointment

Your bunny should never need a bath. If he does because he’s still smelly, there’s likely a larger medical problem. His food could be causing diarrhea or he could have an illness or sore that’s causing the odor.

To find out why your rabbit smells, or for tips on keeping the cage clean, schedule an appointment with your local pet clinic.


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