Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Guinea Pig Hay

Getting your pet’s diet just right is extremely important, but it isn’t always as easy as picking up a bag of your animal’s food at the store. If you have a guinea pig, lab block simply isn’t enough. Your furry friend needs hay too.

Unfortunately, feeding your pet hay isn’t easy either! Here are some tips from a professional veterinarian on making sure you’re feeding your guinea pig the right hay the right way.

What type of hay to buy

You’d think you could just go to the pet store and pick up a package of guinea pig hay. With more than one choice, finding the right kind can be a challenge.

The average adult guinea pig should be fed timothy hay. It is high in fiber, which will help regulate your pig’s digestive system. It is low in calcium and calories, so your critter is able to munch on the stuff as much as he wants, which also helps keep his teeth neat and trim.

If your pig is pregnant, if your pet is young and growing, or if he’s recovering from an illness, you may want to make a different choice. Legume hay is higher in calcium and calories, which can help ensure a growing or healing animal is healthy.

Want to mix up your adult guinea pig’s diet? You can feed him legume hay every once in a while, but it should be treated as a special snack.

How to feed hay to your guinea pig

The best way to make sure your pet has all the hay he needs is to place it in a special plastic or metal rack that’s made just for this purpose. You can easily find a rack that’s perfect for your pig at the store.

Strange as it sounds, pigs also like to munch and snack while they go potty. Encourage your pet to use the litter box by piling hay on top.

Always remove and replace hay that hasn’t been eaten every single day. Your pet should be allowed to eat as much as he wants.

To learn more about the right way to feed your pig hay, or to learn more about the complete guinea pig diet, schedule an appointment with your local veterinarian.


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