Tips for Lovebird Owners

Birds make interesting pets, but every single one is different. Owning a parrot poses different challenges than owning a canary, so finding the right information about your specific species is extremely important.

Here are some tips for lovebird owners, straight from a professional animal hospital.

You don’t necessarily have to have two

When most people talk about lovebirds, they generally speak about them in pairs, and there’s no doubt that this species loves living with others. They can become very attached to their cage mate at the expense of their owner. If your pet is allowed to live in a pair, you might find that your feathered friends aren’t afraid to tell you to get lost with a quick nip on the finger.

Although your bird would enjoy living with another, he doesn’t necessarily have to. Lovebirds can be very happy living alone, but only if you provide your pet with the attention he craves.

If you plan on having just one lovebird, plan to spend plenty of time with your pet every single day. You also need to provide your bird with plenty of toys and accessories to help keep him entertained when you’re not around.

There are different lovebirds to choose from

The lovebird is its own species, which means there are many different kinds. This comes as quite a surprise to those who believe every one is the same.

They come in many different colors. You can find green, yellow, and peach-colored birds. They each have their own unique personalities, so make sure you take a close look at each variety before you bring one home.

They love tearing things to shred

Many birds love to tear things into little pieces, but lovebirds take this to a whole new level. As a matter of fact, if you own this particular species, you may be able to get rid of your paper shredder altogether.

Provide your lovebird with plenty of newspaper to tear into shreds. They are so good at tearing that they can create perfect strips of paper that look like they’ve been cut with a pair of scissors! Some will even stuff the strips into their tail feathers, which creates an extremely amusing display.

To make sure your lovebird is happy and healthy; you should schedule regular appointments with your local animal hospital.


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