Treats and Supplements for Chinchillas

The ideal chinchilla diet starts with specialty pellets and hay. The pellets provide all the nutrients your pet needs to stay healthy, while the hay can help his teeth stay neat and trim. Unfortunately, such a bland diet can get pretty boring.

If you want to jazz up your chinchilla’s diet a bit, your local pet clinic would suggest adding a few treats and supplements to his food bowl.


Your chinchilla will love you for providing him with tons of treats, but too many can be disastrous to his health. No matter what you choose to feed your furry friend, it’s important not to provide him with snacks every single day. Instead, plan to provide him with a few morsels two to four times each week.

What kinds of treats can you feed to your chinchilla? Natural fruits and vegetables are the best choice. Think things like broccoli, apples, and carrots.

You should try and stay away from overly sugary treats, dried fruit, nuts, and seed. Your chinchilla is likely to love these snacks, but because they are high in fat and calories, they can cause your pet to gain weight. Feeding your critter plant proteins up to four times a week is great, but these high-fat, sugary treats should only be provided once every few weeks.


If you feed your chinchilla the right food, you shouldn’t have to worry about supplements. However, it can be very difficult to determine exactly what’s wrong with your pet’s diet. Choosing a supplement is an easy way to fix the problem.

There are quite a few signs that your chinchilla could use a supplement. A rough, brittle coat, diarrhea, a decrease in activity, and weight loss are all signs that something isn’t quite right with your pet’s diet. If he exhibits any of these symptoms, it’s time to start looking for a supplement.

There are many different kinds of supplements and different ways to administer them. Some come in treat form and are tasty enough for your chinchilla to gobble up. Some come as a paste that can be added to the food, and some can even be added to your pet’s water.

Your chinchilla also needs plenty of fun toys to chew on! For help choosing the right supplement, or for a complete list of healthy treats, call your local pet’s clinic. Click on the link to know more details.


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