Wooden Accessories for Your Hamster

Hamsters have teeth that grow throughout their lives. That means you have a big job of making sure that your pet has plenty to chew on.

Fortunately, there are tons of wooden accessories for you to choose from. Here are a few that are recommended by a professional vet.

Nesting box

Hamsters are shy creatures. After all, in the wild, they would make a tasty snack for nearly any kind of predator. In order to stay safe, these cute little animals learned how to hide.

If you want your hamster to feel comfortable in his cage, you have to provide him with a safe place to sleep. You could get a plastic nesting box, but your pet is sure to appreciate a wooden nesting box much more.

There are many different kinds of wooden nesting boxes to choose from. Some are created with a smooth finish, while others look a bit more like a wood cabin. Your pet is sure to enjoy it, no matter which one you bring home.

However, try and choose a nesting box with an open bottom. Some are fully enclosed, which means they get dirty very easily and are very difficult to clean.


Hamsters are burrowers, but it’s not a good idea to plop your furry friend in a giant bucket of bedding. It would be so hard for you to find your pet! That’s where wooden tubes come in.

It’s great to provide your hamster with plastic tubing that connects all over the cage, but your pet is likely to enjoy wooden tubes and logs that sit at the bottom of the cage too. It provides him with a place to hide, but it also provides him with something to chew on.


The easiest way to make sure your pet has plenty of wooden things to chew on is to provide him with a few toys!

There are tons of toys to choose from. You can purchase wooden knots, hanging toys, flavored wooden sticks, and more. You can even purchase natural products. Just make sure they are properly treated. It can be dangerous to let your hamster chew on sticks from your backyard.

For a complete list of all the wooden accessory options you have, plan a visit with your Pets Care.


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