Why Are Ferrets So Smelly, and What You Can Do About It

Why are ferrets so smelly? That’s a great question! It’s one that many pet parents ask, especially after they bring their new furry friends home for the first time.

Next, you’re likely to ask if there’s anything you can do about it. Here’s what you need to know about that stench, and what a professional veterinary clinic recommends for getting rid of that stink.

Why ferrets smell

Ferrets have a natural musk that is very distinctive. It is most pronounced in the wild when these critters live in colonies, and it is less pronounced when they live in captivity. Scent glands located around your pets’ backend are to blame for the scent.

That’s not all that can cause your ferret to smell. Because they are carnivores, their waste is especially potent. Even a single potty break in the litter box can cause your pet, his cage, and your house to smell.

What to do about ferret odors

Although ferrets have scent glands that emit a musky odor, most domestic critters don’t smell at all. That’s because their owners make sure that they’re properly cared for. That includes neutering the males.

Male ferrets tend to smell much more strongly than female critters because they are looking for a mate. Without this drive, you can drastically reduce the odors that your pets emit.

Don’t forget to groom your pets! Clean out their ears, as earwax can develop quickly, and give them a bath if you notice they are starting to smell.

What to do about cage odors

Neutering your male ferrets is a good first step to reducing cage odors as well. Without the need to attract a mate, there’s no need to stink up the cage.

However, neutering your pet isn’t the only solution. You also have to keep the cage clean. That means changing out the bedding frequently. Once a week is okay, but if you notice that the cage smells, you may have to change the bedding more often.

Litter training your ferrets can drastically cut back on odors. That’s because you can clean out the boxes once or twice a day without the need to clean out the entire cage.

Having trouble getting a handle on the ferret odors in your home? Call your local veterinary clinic for advice. For more information about this, click on the link.


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