Personality Characteristics to Look for When Adopting a Hamster

Not everyone takes the time to consider the personality of the animal they’re adopting. Even with cats and dogs, many people are more interested in bringing home the cutest animal at the shelter. They’re not necessarily looking for a good fit for their family!

It’s important to consider the personality of animals like cats and dogs, but you should consider the personality of other animals as well. Here are a few personality characteristics to look for when adopting a hamster.


Essentially, when you’re talking about a hamster’s personality, you’re actually talking about his temperament. There are both hereditary and environmental components to how an animal behaves.

If you can, ask about the parents of the hamster you’re interested in. Breeders will be able to tell you a bit more about the temperament of the parents, which will tell you something about the animal you’re adopting.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t learn much about a hamster’s parents if you’re adopting your animal from the pet store. However, because there are environmental factors involved in an animal’s temperament too, you’ll likely be able to socialize your new critter, but it will take some work.

The ideal temperament

So, what exactly are you looking for in temperament? According to a professional veterinarian, you want to look for a hamster that seems relaxed and curious. This will make it much easier to handle your new pet.

If the animal seems overly stressed or runs and hides when you try to pick it up, you may want to get a different hamster.

Most hamsters object to being held at one point or another

Even friendly hamsters don’t always like being held. When they’re going through their teenage faze, many animals will object to human touch! The key is being patient and looking for signs that the animal will eventually come around. Biting is a sure sign that the animal will be difficult to socialize.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time socializing your hamster, look for a breeder in your area. If you don’t mind taking things slow with your critter, you can definitely plan a stop at the local pet store.

If you could use a little help finding the right animal for your family, plan a visit with your local veterinarian who can provide you with professional advice.


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