Does Your Dog Have Pimples?

Dogs can suffer from acne, too. The skin problem is also referred to as puppy dermatitis, furunculosis, chin pyoderma, pimples, or muzzle folliculitis. Pimples commonly develop on the lips, muzzles, and chins of puppies and young adult dogs. Sometimes, acne may occur in the genital region, specifically the area under the animal’s tail or on the flank.

The potential causes of acne in dogs are not well-established. However, it has been observed that canine acne is quite similar to acne in teenagers. It usually starts as hard, reddish areas and blackheads at the base of the hair follicles. These raised areas eventually become whiteheads as bacteria plug the follicles and multiply. Mild acne is not really a cause for concern however severe acne can be very painful. Knowing how to recognize important signs of acne will enable pet owners to take appropriate measures to treat the condition. For more information about this, click on the link.


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