Is Your Pet Iguana Receiving The Right Nutrition?

Many pet iguanas suffer because of an improper diet. Iguanas are mainly herbivores, meaning their diet should be mainly composed of plants. They are specifically referred to as folivores because they feed almost entirely on leaves, and some fruits or flowers. Being hindgut fermenters, iguanas require beneficial microorganisms to ferment fiber-rich foods before the important nutrients can be absorbed and used by the body. Plant material should compose 90-95% of a pet iguana’s diet and the rest can be commercial canned or reptile pellets to supplement the animal’s diet.

When planning your pet’s diet, 80-90% should be dark green leafy vegetables, and fruits should only be 10-20%. Iceberg or head lettuce should be avoided because they are deficient in nutrients and vitamins, their composition being mainly fiber and water. Young iguanas should be fed daily, while adult ones can do well with every other day feeding, depending on their appetite.


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