Tapeworms and Roundworms In Cats

Two of the most common intestinal worms of cats are tapeworms and roundworms. Heavy parasite loads can have a profound effect on the animal’s health and wellbeing, thus infestations should never be left untreated. Tapeworms are classified as flatworms and their bodies have many individual segments. On the other hand, roundworms have shorter and rounded bodies.

Cats get roundworms by ingesting eggs that are passed in the feces, or by preying on infected preys such as a mouse or rat. Mother cats can also infect her litter of kittens through her milk. Tapeworms can be acquired by eating an infected flea during grooming or by eating prey that is infected.

Roundworms (Toxocara cati) are of particular concern in children because it is possible for humans to be infected by roundworms. The worm larvae can travel through a child’s body and cause damage. Due to the potential effect on human health, as well as the negative effects on cats, talk your pet health and regular worming of pet cats is very important.


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