Treating Hookworm Infection In Pets

Hookworm infections frequently occur in puppies and dogs; however kittens and cats are not vulnerable to hookworm infections. But if they do become infected, they will need immediate treatment. Hookworms are voracious bloodsucking parasites, and in cats they can cause serious intestinal bleeding, and affected cats are at risk of developing anemia. Fortunately, there are various medications that can be used to effectively treat hookworm in kittens and cats.

Cats and kittens get hookworms when they accidently ingest the larvae. Most cats found to have heavy hookworm loads live in unsanitary conditions, or they got it from other pets that are carrying the parasites. Unlike puppies, kittens don’t get hookworms via their mother’s milk or while they’re still in the womb. A cat that has been found to be positive to hookworms will be treated by your veterinarian based on your pet’s age and the severity of infection.


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