Do You Share Your Bed With Your Dog? — What are the downsides?

do-you-share-your-bed-with-your-dogThere are often strong views regarding the pros and cons of dogs sleeping in their owners’ beds. Here are some downsides of sharing your bed with your canine buddy.

Even a small dog can take up a larger part of the bed if given half a chance. So aside from sharing the available space, your bed can also retain that distinct doggy scent, not to mention that you could end up getting quite hairy, too!

There is also a higher chance of your pet passing on fleas, ticks, worms, ringworm, and other parasites. Another important issue is that sleeping on the same bed elevates your dog’s status within the social hierarchy of the pack, which can be problematic in the long run as your dog becomes more dominant and/or very assertive.

A snoring dog can keep you awake all night, not to mention the farting, and the early morning wake-ups, long before the alarm clock rings.


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