Some Health Concerns Of Burmese Cats

While Burmese cats are relatively healthy and hardy, there are a few health issues – hereditary or acquire—that Burmese cat owners should be on the lookout for. Learning to recognize early symptoms will help ensure that veterinary help is sought and given as soon as possible to prevent serious complications.

Cherry Eye

Burmese cats seem to be more prone to cherry eye compared to other feline breeds. Affected cats suffer from pain, thus immediate veterinary attention is needed. Treatment may involve surgical intervention and medications to prevent the chances of secondary bacterial infection setting in.

Cleft Palates

Burmese cats are also predisposed to developing cleft palates, which is a congenital defect affecting the oral and nasal cavities. The problem is usually present during birth and kittens with cleft-palates are unable to nurse.


The disorder is characterized by low levels of potassium in the blood. The element is essential in the transmission of electrical nerve impulses to the major parts of the nervous system including the brain. Fortunately, the condition can be reversed by administering oral supplements.


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