Allergies May Be Responsible For Your Dog’s Snores

allergies-may-be-responsible-for-your-dogs-snoresHaving a snoring dog by your side can mean a lot of restless nights, lying wide awake, listening to the snores of your canine buddy.

Allergies have been identified as an important factor that can make snoring worse. Some dogs are sensitive to certain substances (allergens) in their environment and when they are exposed to these allergens, such as pollen, you may notice your dog’s snoring going on maximum overdrive. In addition to environmental allergens, allergies can also be triggered by certain ingredients in a dog’s diet.

Exposure to smoke—second- and third-hand smoke— is not only discomforting for dogs, it can also make their breathing labored and heavy, which when asleep will be manifested as snoring. Smoke exposure has also been implicated in serious health problems in dogs, such as lung cancer.

The best way to deal with your pet’s allergies is to work with your veterinarian to find out the specific allergen the dog is allergic to. Only then will you be able to keep your pet’s allergies under control by preventing or limiting exposure to the allergen.


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