Cat Care – Even Healthy Treats Should Be Given In Moderation

cat-careTreats are important sources of calories, and pet owners should always remember this important information. Many people are generous when it comes to giving their pets’ treats because they think it’s a way to show their love and affection. However, even the so-called healthy treats should be offered in moderation because eating too many can increase your cat’s chances of becoming obese, which can pave the way for all sorts of health problems.

Being obese can have a negative impact on a cat’s longevity. Carrying excess weight can seriously impact the function of the heart, kidneys, and other vital organs of the body.

Indoor cats have higher risks of becoming obese because they tend to be sedentary. If your cat is confined indoors, it is a good idea to enrich your pet’s surroundings so he will have plenty of mental and physical motivation. Talk to your vet to know more about your pet’s dietary needs.


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