Does Your Cat Have Retained Testicles

does-your-cat-have-retained-testiclesRetained testicles, also called feline cryptorchidism, occurs when one or both testes fail to descend from the abdominal cavity into the animal’s scrotal sacs. Most cases involve only one undescended testes, with affected cats remaining to be fertile. During fetal development, a cat’s testes are located in their abdomen. The testes descends into the scrotum via the inguinal canal by the time a kitten turns 6 weeks old, although it can take longer. By 6 months of age, both testes should have fully descended into the scrotal sacs. Since cryptorchidism can be hereditary, most breeders check their male kittens before each is brought to their forever home. Also, cryptorchid cats should never be used in breeding programs.

The problem can affect any breed of cat, even mixed breeds. Cats that have undescended testicles (one or both) should be neutered early in life. Contact your Pets tips, Cryptorchidism increases a cat’s risk to developing testicular infection, torsion, and even cancer.


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