How Can Your Prevent Hotspots In Dogs?

how-can-your-prevent-hotspots-in-dogsEarly detection is the best way to prevent the development of hotspots. If your dog appears to be scratching excessively, you should contact your veterinarian right away. If your pet already has a hotspot, early detection and treatment will lead to a quick resolution and a more comfortable pet.

Identifying the underlying cause is a very important pre-requisite in addressing hotspots. Dogs should be given month flea preventatives recommended by your veterinarian. Take note that, flea shampoos, flea powders, flea collars, etc. don’t provide sufficient flea control. If a dog has an ear infection, the vet will examine the ear to find out more about the problem before appropriate medication/s is prescribed. If the hotspot/s does not respond to treatment, your vet may undertake further tests to rule out other causes.

Treatment of hotspots usually involve clipping of the matted hair over and around the hotspot, using a mild antiseptic for cleaning, and applying a topical antibiotic-anti-inflammatory cream. Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory medication that can help reduce itchiness. Your vet may also prescribe systemic antibiotics to help fight the infection. For more information Animal Health Tips, click on the link.


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