Impaction In Bearded Dragons


Many people share their homes with bearded dragon pets. These reptiles are considered ideal pets even for first time reptile owners. Health-wise, they are not as sensitive to changes in their environment.

However, owners of bearded dragons should know how to take care of their pets properly and ensure that all their basic needs are met. Pet owners should also be familiar with some of the most common medical problems affecting the species.

One of the most common health problems that can affect bearded dragons is impaction. The condition is characterized by the buildup of a substance within the animal’s digestive system to such an extent that it becomes hard and solid. When this happens, there is blockage of the digestive tract, preventing food from passing through.

Impaction occurs when the reptile eats indigestible materials, such as eating too many foodstuffs that are too large to pass through the digestive tract or those with hard outer casing. Eating the tank substrate has also been found to cause impaction. Take note that impaction is a different condition to constipation, since the latter involves a hard build-up of ingested food and eventually the fecal matter itself.

Bearded reptiles suffering from impaction should be brought to the attention of a veterinarian who may prescribe a natural laxative that is safe and effective for reptiles.


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