Intestinal Parasites In Reptiles

intestinal-parasites-in-reptilesHeavy parasite infestations are common in reptiles that are kept in closed environments. Many of these internal parasites can live their entire lifecycle on the same host reptile, adults lay eggs in the reptile’s intestines which are then passed out with the feces, only to re-infect the same reptile host.

Poor hygiene is an important contributing factor to the alarming rate of multiplication of internal parasites. Thus, all reptiles with a heavy parasite load should be treated immediately and their immediate environment cleaned thoroughly to get rid of eggs and anything that might lead to re-infection.

Severe roundworm infection in lizards can lead to formation of stomach ulcers that are very painful. Some species of snakes can be infected with hookworms which attach to the tissues of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Hookworms also excrete large mineral deposits that can cause intestinal obstructions.

Parasitism is an important health concern in pet reptiles thus you should work with your veterinarian in ensuring that Consult your pets tips is free from internal parasites that can endanger their health and wellbeing.


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