Keeping Your Pet Rat Safe Outside The Cage

keeping-your-pet-rat-safe-outside-the-cageRats love to chew! Since they need to spend time outside of their enclosures for interaction as well as physical and mental stimulation, make sure that the room has been thoroughly rat-proofed to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Once a rat is brought outside his cage, he will scurry about exploring every nook and cranny of the room. These are opportunities where the rat will use his teeth and nose to investigate things, chewing on anything that catches their fancy.

Anything valuable or dangerous should be kept out of your pet’s reach. Loose carpet corners should be secured; a room with a hard floor is a much better option. Electrical cables should be kept or contained in casing that will prevent your pet health tips from chewing on them. Try to keep your pet busy with rat-safe toys to minimize the chance of having him pick on things that are rather left alone.


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