Creating a Comfortable Cage Atmosphere for Your Pet Rat

There are a lot of things you need to do when getting a cage ready for a rat. There are many things that are required, like a food and water bowl, but some things are needed just to ensure that your pet is comfortable and happy.

Here are a few cage tips that will make life more enjoyable for your rat, as recommended by a professional vet.


Rats aren’t like hamsters, which some people expect when they bring one of these critters home. Instead of being diggers and hiders, they are climbers, which means they’ll enjoy very different cage accessories than their smaller rodent cousins.

One things rats appreciate is a hammock. Hang one in the cage and you’ll find that your furry friend loves sleeping the day away all curled up inside it.

Hammocks come in all shapes and sizes. Your rat will also likely enjoy a hammock tube. Consider hanging a few in the cage to provide your pet with a little variety.

Plenty of bedding

Everyone knows that a rat cage needs bedding, but if you really want to make sure your pet is comfortable, you should provide him with a little extra bedding.

Although rats aren’t burrowers like hamsters, they do like to dig, and they especially love to hide their food. Provide them with a little extra bedding and you’ll enjoy watching your pet move his kibble around the cage.

Think outside the box when it comes to bedding. Scraps of fabric, socks, and cotton fluff can make living in the cage more comfortable for a rat too.

Toys and accessories

Make sure there are interesting things in the cage for your rat to inspect and play with. Chewable tubes and nesting boxes make life interesting for these critters, as do hanging accessories and small toy balls.

If you really want to impress your rat, create a piñata. Wrap special treats in paper towels and hang it from the top of the cage. Your rodent will love reaching up and trying to tear the piñata to get at all the tasty snacks!

Most rats appreciate a cage that has multiple levels! For more tips on making sure your pet is happy and healthy, schedule regular appointments with your local animal health care.


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