Your Ferret’s Cage Is All about the Details

It’s important to be very careful about the kind of cage you get for your ferret, but it’s not the only decision you have to make. That cage is only as good as what’s inside it! You can buy the best cage available, but it will be meaningless if it isn’t full of things that will keep your pet healthy and occupied.

Your ferret’s cage is truly all about the details.

Comfortable sleeping quarters

Did you know ferrets sleep up to 20 hours a day? That’s a lot of time spent sleeping! If you want to make sure your pet is happy and comfortable, you have to provide him with a few comfortable places for him to curl up.

Hammocks are popular with ferrets, especially if they’re lined with lambs wool or another soft material. Small pet beds are a good idea too.

Because ferrets sleep so much, a professional veterinary clinic recommends making sure there is more than one comfortable place for your pet to sleep.

Litter corners

Living in a stinky, soiled cage is no fun, no matter what kind of animal you have. What’s great about ferrets is the fact that they can be litter trained.

Place a few different litter corners and trays in the cage and teach your pet to use them. That way, you can dump the litter boxes once or twice a day, keeping the cage clean.

However, even the most well-trained ferrets have accidents every once in a while, so plan to completely clean the entire cage at least once a week.


Even though ferrets are content to sleep most of the day away, they sure have a lot of energy when they are awake! Your pet will get restless in his cage if there aren’t plenty of toys for him to play with.

Avoid rubber cat and dog toys, as ferrets like to chew and can end up ingesting the rubber. Instead, choose hard rubber balls that are made just for your pet. Laser pointers and dangling toys are a lot of fun too. These critters are especially fond of crinkle toys and sacks!

Don’t forget the food and water bowls! For more tips and professional advice on keeping your ferret happy in his cage, call your local veterinary clinic. Click on the link to know more details.


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