Why Dogs Pant?

why-dogs-pantPanting is a common behavior in dogs, and many pet owners don’t really give a lot of thought why dogs pant. But there are many important reasons why they do. Here are some of them:

To stay cool

Dogs have very few sweat glands, thus they are unable to efficiently lose body heat by sweating. During panting, the surface of a dog’s tongue is exposed, cooling the blood that runs through it. As the blood returns back to the rest of the body, it helps cool a dog down.


Panting can also be exhibited when a dog is anxious or afraid. This is why you may observe your pooch panting during fireworks display or when there’s a thunderstorm raging outside.

A dog that is feeling nauseous may pant—a rapid, shallow breathing that is often perceived as their way to avoid vomiting.

Respiratory problems

An asthma attack or an upper respiratory tract infection can cause dogs to pant.

Excessive panting exhibited by your dog should be brought to the attention of visit your animal tips.


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