Meowing In Cats – Has Your Kitty Trained You?

meowing-in-cats-has-your-kitty-trained-youCats are experts when it comes to “training” their owners to respond to them and do what they want; and one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by vocalizing.

Many cat owners are guilty of being at their pet’s beck and call. When their cat looks at them and meows or jumps on their laps and start vocalizing, most will start asking “what’s up?” or “what do you want?”. Some will immediately offer a treat or two or offer some food on the cat’s bowl. Still others will think that their cat is asking for attention, and will immediately cater to it. Doing so will teach a cat that by meowing at their owner, they will be able to get what they want, and chances are that the owner will soon learn to interpret their cat’s vocalization. The positive reinforcement will encourage the cat to be more vocal and to ask for things, and sometimes the meowing can be most insistent and loud, which can be very annoying to the owners.

Since persistent vocalization may also be a symptom of a health problem, it is a good idea to take your pet health to your vet for a checkup.


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