Mistakes Cat Owners Make When Transporting Their Pets

mistakes-cat-owners-make-when-transporting-their-petsTraveling with a pet cat can be a stressful experience especially when the cat hates being in a moving car or has not been introduced to the crate while still young. There will always be a time when a cat has to be taken to the vet clinic or the groomer, so crate training is very important long before you need to take your pet someplace. To prevent unfortunate incidents, cat owners should be aware of these common mistakes so they will be able to avoid them while traveling with their kitty.

Letting the cat out of the carrier while in the car

Some cat owners think that letting the cat out of the carrier will make it more comfortable for everyone, especially if the cat keeps on vocalizing and scratching while inside the crate or carrier. A loose cat can distract the driver, and the passing scenery can also make the cat feel sick.

Failing to cover the crate

It is a good idea to cover your pet’s crate especially when it has mesh walls or openings. Doing so will make your kitty feel secure. Use a light fabric cover and make sure that there is still enough air circulation in the carrier. Call your Pets Health Care.


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