Reproductive Problems In Budgies

reproductive-problems-in-budgiesLike all species of birds, budgerigars can suffer from a variety of problems affecting the reproductive system. Here are two of the most serious conditions that budgie owners should be on the lookout for.

Calcium deficiency

Calcium is essential in various physiological processes in the body, such as transmission of nerve impulses, shell formation in female birds, and contraction of the uterus when egg is laid.

Excessive egg laying can also lead to deficiency of calcium in the body if proper supplementation is not met adequately. You cannot stop the bird from laying by removing the male bird or the nest box because this can only cause stress. However, you can give her body time to recover from the egg laying by not letting her sit her normal term on her eggs.

Egg Binding

Female birds affected by egg binding are unable to lay the egg. The problem can be fatal. If your female bird is lethargic or appears unwell, and has a distinct enlarged spot around her vent (the opening where the egg comes out), make sure to seek your vet’ advice immediately.


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