Can Rabbits Be Kept Together In The Same Enclosure?

can-rabbits-be-kept-together-in-the-same-enclosureRabbits are social creatures, and they love being around other rabbits. In their natural habitat in the wild, they live together in numbers, and domestication hasn’t changed this.

If you are thinking of bringing home a rabbit, it is a good idea to keep two or more rabbits so they can play and interact with each other when you are out. Keeping rabbits together also makes them less destructive than if they live on their own. Without another rabbit to keep them company, a solitary rabbit can develop undesirable behavior and can do a lot of damage to things inside the home. Some have even been known to chew carpets, furniture, and electric wires! Even if the rabbits that you have come from different sources, they will eventually get along quickly when you introduce them properly.


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