Respiratory Illness In Lovebirds

respiratory-illness-in-lovebirdsLovebirds are prone to several types of respiratory problems, including aspergillosis, pneumonia, polyoma, parrot fever, and a variety of other health issues that are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or protozoa.


Aspergillosis is caused by a fungus. Although it is not infectious, it can be highly fatal. The infection primarily affects the respiratory tract, but can easily spread to other major organs of the body at various stages of the disease. Prognosis can be quite favorable if caught early enough and the proper antifungal medication is given.


Polyoma is another condition that affects the respiratory tract of birds; young birds are most vulnerable to the problem. It can easily be transmitted between birds, and possibly through the egg. Some of the early symptoms include feather abnormalities, delay in the emptying of the crop, and loss of appetite. The crop is where parent birds deposit food for their young birds. Bleeding from the feather follicles may also be present. Treatment can be successful if the problem is brought to the call your health care tips attention as early as possible.


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