Special Diets For Dogs

Golden Retriever Dog Food

The number of dog food products available in the market can be pretty overwhelming. But if you know what your dog needs, you will be able to choose a premium quality product to ensure that your pooch receives all of the essential nutrients.

In addition to the usual basic dog food options, there are pet foods that are formulated for dogs with special dietary needs. These dogs may be suffering from underlying health conditions, or require a diet that fits their lifestyle.

Main types of special diets for dogs

Food for your dog’s size

Small dogs will have a difficult time eating and digesting large chunks of meat and kibble that are generally made for dogs with larger mouths. If you have a particularly small dog, consider pet food with smaller chunks of food. Similarly, there are also foods composed of larger kibble pieces for giant breeds.

Lifestage-specific pet food

Dogs go through various lifestages in their life, and each of these stages varies in their nutritional requirements. Make sure to feed your dog pet food that is appropriate for his lifestage.

Pet food for specific conditions

There are special diets for dogs suffering from specific issues such as allergies or sensitivities, obesity, and anxiety, etc.

Veterinary diets

Dogs diagnosed with specific animal health problems and illnesses are often prescribed with special veterinary diets that are aimed at fulfilling their nutritional needs.


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