Why A Hutch Is Not Enough For Your Pet Rabbit

why-a-hutch-is-not-enough-for-your-pet-rabbitDid you know that hutches are considered the best way to house pet rabbits? Rabbits don’t thrive well in small enclosed spaces with no access to the outside world and not enough space to move around or engage in natural behaviors comfortably.

As a rule of thumb, the minimum space requirement for a hutch that can comfortably accommodate two rabbits is 6 feet (length) x 2 feet (width) x 2 feet (height).  Since rabbits need regular physical activity, a hutch should have an enclosed run to allow rabbits to stretch their legs. The minimum dimensions of the run should be at least 8 feet (length) x4 feet (width)x 2 feet (height). Rabbits will need plenty of space to jump and hop, thus the larger the hutch and run, the better it will be for your pet. Your veterinarian can enlighten you further about your pet’s housing needs.


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