Lovebirds Health Concern – Chronic Egg Laying

lovebirds-health-concern-chronic-egg-layingSome lovebirds undergo chronic egg laying as a result of some factors that has triggered the bird to produce and lay eggs. This can have serious implications on the long-term health and wellbeing of the birds because it can eventually lead to calcium deficiency. Calcium is an important component in egg production; laying frequently without proper replacement of calcium can make a bird ill.

Hypocalcemia (low-calcium levels) will eventually cause another important problem known as “egg-binding”. Affected birds can suffer from seizures; their bones also become brittle so they are more prone to fractures.

One way to stop your pet bird from laying more eggs is NOT to remove the eggs, so she will eventually sit on them. Once she starts incubating, she will stop laying eggs for around 21 days; this will give her body much-needed time to recover. Make sure to consult your health care about your pet’s problem.


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