Feeding Too Many Treats And Other Common Feeding Mistakes Cat Owners Make

feeding-too-many-treats-and-other-common-feeding-mistakes-cat-owners-makeSome cat parents think that offering treats to their pets is one of the best ways to show their love and care. But treats are important sources of additional calories. Many are also artificially colored, flavored, and salted. Treats should at best be used to reward your cat for desired behavior, however, always remember that it should not exceed 10% of your pet’s daily caloric intake to prevent obesity.

Another common mistake of cat owners is sharing their food with their pets. While most cats can get away with one or two table scraps on occasion, always remember that many types of human food are rich in fats. Excessive intake of fatty foods can increase a cat’s risk to developing pancreatitis.

There are cat owners who choose to make their cat’s own meals at home without consulting a veterinarian or pet nutritionist. Cats thrive with a complete, balanced diet that is appropriate for their lifestage. Simply feeding them meat or fish will eventually have negative implications on their animal health care and wellbeing.


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