Handling Aggressive Hamsters

handling-aggressive-hamstersAggressive hamsters can bite and injure their owners. If you have an aggressive hamster, make sure to handle them with care and avoid subjecting them to any extra stress. Here are a few things that you should remember when dealing with an aggressive hamster:

  • Hamsters have a keen sense of smell, thus make sure to wash your hands before handling them. Any odor that is left on your hand may entice the hamster to bite or have a taste.
  • Hamsters are most active at night and spend most of the day sleeping. Don’t try to wake up a hamster that is sleeping unless there is really a need to. They can get aggressive at being disturbed while asleep.
  • Earn the trust of an aggressive hamster to lower the chance of aggression towards you. However, be prepared to invest time, effort, and tons of patience in order to reap the desired results.

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