Respiratory Problems In Pet Snakes

respiratory-problems-in-pet-snakesSnakes can suffer from respiratory problems especially when their living conditions are poorly maintained. These reptiles thrive well in clean and stress-free environment.

Important symptoms of respiratory problems in snakes include breathing with an open mouth, wheezing, coughing, and a runny nose. If you notice your pet snake displaying these symptoms, try raising the temperature in the snake’s enclosure, in order to kick start the snake’s immune response. Quarantine of ill snakes should also be undertaken to prevent infecting the other snakes.

Many cases of respiratory infections are often seen in conjunction with mouth rot. The primary cause of these conditions is bacteria, but viruses, fungus, and parasites are also important causes of respiratory disease in snakes.

Without proper veterinary attention and treatment, snakes with respiratory infection can suffer from septicemia which can be a life-threatening condition. You should seek veterinary attention immediately to prevent serious complications. Click here to know more details.


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