Tips For Puppy With Hip Dysplasia

tips-for-puppy-with-hip-dysplasiaEven at a very young age, a puppy diagnosed with hip dysplasia and is already suffering from osteoarthritis is not a good candidate for surgery. However, there are still many things the owner can do to help his pet. One of these is to slow down the puppy’s growth rate. Your veterinarian can give you important advice regarding the changes that should be made on your pet’s diet to ensure a slower rate of growth. A faster growth rate can only make the condition much worse.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for puppies with hip dysplasia. Ideally, a 30 minute daily swim at least 5 times a week can help keep the muscle tone of the back legs strong, making them more capable of supporting the dog’s weak hips.

You can also ask your veterinarian for joint supplements that are proven safe and effective for use in dogs.


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