Cats And Catnip – Is It OK to Give Catnip To A Cat With Health Issues?

While not all cats react to catnip, those that do can display pretty strange behavior when they catch a whiff of the plant. However, many cat parents worry that giving catnip to a cat with health issues may only make their condition worse.

Some studies have been able to demonstrate a slight and temporary increase in blood pressure; however this has only been seen in a few cats that have been given catnip to play with. However, there are also a few studies where the opposite is true—catnip can lower the blood pressure of cats.

There has also been research studies where offering catnip to a cat suffering from any sort of illness commonly observed in felines did not lead to adverse results. Thus, it can be said that catnip can be safely given to cats diagnosed with specific health conditions. However, you can also discuss things with your Pets Health, especially if you have questions and/or concerns about offering any catnip to your kitty.



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