How To Worm Your Dog Correctly

how-to-worm-your-dog-correctlyJust like antibiotics, wormers contain ingredients that should be given in appropriate amounts in order to be effective, and to avoid potential side effects. The importance of picking the right wormer for your dog’s age and size cannot be overemphasized. Your vet can recommend the best wormer for your dog and give you instructions on the dosage and how it should be administered.

Different wormers work in different ways—some dissolve the worms in the dog’s intestine, while others kill the worms before they are eliminated from the body. Some wormers contain ingredients that paralyze the worms so they detach themselves from the intestinal wall and are shed naturally with the feces. You might be able to see some of these worms, however there are those that have already been dissolved while in the intestine. The most common worms that can be found in the stool include roundworms and tapeworms. For more information Animal Health Care, click on the link.


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