Shedding In German Shepherds – Tips For Dealing With Coat Blowing

German shepherds are known shedders. They tend to shed every day, and undergo heavy shedding twice a year during spring and autumn. During these times, shedding kicks into high gear, a process that is known as “coat blowing”.

Here are some ways to deal with your pet’s heavy shedding:

  • Good quality diet

Good nutrition promotes skin and coat health. A diet that lacks certain nutrients can cause dull dry haircoat that is more likely to shed, making it more difficult to keep shedding under control.

  • Know when to expect a coat blow

Knowing when your dog really starts to shed heavily each year will help you get a head start on things.

  • Regular brushing

Regular brushing and plucking can help keep general shedding under control. Invest in grooming tools that can adequately meet your pet’s grooming needs, and make sure you know how and when to use them. Consult your pets’ health care to know more.



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