Vegetarian Diets For Herbivorous Reptiles

Herbivorous reptiles are easily prone to developing nutritional deficiencies, including metabolic bone disease (MBD), thus their diets should be carefully managed. Their body requires adequate calcium from their diet; the nutrient is essential for the development of the skeletal and muscular systems. If you have green iguanas, tortoises, or other vegetarian species of reptiles, it is a good idea to know as much as you can about your pet’s diet to make sure that the food ingredients or components being offered are in the correct proportions. The staple diets of these reptiles include calcium and vitamin-rich leafy greens. You can also offer soft vegetables and fruits to add variety to your pet’s diet. Ideally, the calcium and phosphorus ratio should be as close to the 2:1 ratio (meaning there should be twice as much calcium as phosphorus). Additional mineral supplements may be given as needed. You can also consult your veterinarian regarding your pet’s nutritional needs.



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