Ear Infections In Guinea Pigs

While guinea pigs rarely suffer from ear infections, these can have serious implications when an ear infection affects the middle and inner ear. Apart from being an extremely painful condition, the infection can also affect the nervous system. Thus, you should always take your pet to your veterinarian as soon as possible for appropriate care and attention.

Some of the symptoms of ear infection in guinea pigs include the following:

  • There is pus or smelly discharge from the ears
  • The guinea pig may be deaf in one or both ears
  • May try to nip your hand when you try to touch their ears because of the pain

Ear infections in guinea pigs are primarily caused by a bacterial infection or in association with pneumonia or other respiratory disease.

After a thorough exam, your vet may administer medication for pain and discomfort. Any buildup and discharge in the ears are removed using antiseptic or antibiotic wash. Antibiotic ear drops may also be administered.



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