Feeding Mistakes Committed By Dog Owners


One of the common mistakes dog owners make is overfeeding their pets. However, there are only a small percentage of these owners who admit their mistakes, giving lots of excuses why their pets are carrying excess pounds. But most of these mistakes are not valid. Here are the top excuses pet owners give to explain why their dogs are overweight or obese.

“My dog’s food consumption is only very small”

Pet owners should realize that it is not necessarily the amount of calories a dog eats every day that is responsible for the extra pounds, the dog also needs regular physical activity to use up the excess calories.

“My dog keeps begging for food”

Even if dogs are given adequate amounts of food for each meal, they tend to beg for food. The need to eat and fill up their tummies is a natural instinct they have inherited from their ancestors. Thus pet owners should learn to resist their pets when they start whining and begging for more food or treats.

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