Senior Cat Care

Merrick Veterinarian | East Bay Veterinary Hospital

Merrick Veterinarian | East Bay Veterinary Hospital

Cats are considered seniors once they enter their 10th year of life. During this time, they begin to slow down as their bodies naturally decline and deteriorate.

Today, cats are living longer than ever; this is generally attributed to a variety of factors including appropriate nutrition, good veterinary care, lifestyle changes, and advancement in the health and wellness of senior cats.

Ensuring that your kitty retains their vitality and condition in their senior years should start while your kitty is very young. The importance of giving only premium quality diet that is appropriate for your pet’s lifestage and condition cannot be overemphasized.  Cats also benefit from regular dental checkups conducted by your veterinarian coupled with a good home dental routine.

A cat’s weight should also be monitored closely so they won’t pile on the pounds. Even if they are already in their senior years, they can still benefit from regular physical activity that is appropriate for their age and condition. Visit your Animal Care for more details.


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