Dental Problems And Other Health Issues Of Senior Cats

Dental problems can affect cats of any age, however, senior cats are more prone to tooth and gum issues due to dental decline. Without a good home dental regimen and regular dental checkups conducted by a veterinarian, senior cats can suffer from gum inflammation, loose or missing teeth, plaque and tartar buildup, tooth decay, and abscesses. Dental problems are often painful and make eating difficult.  Dental problems are also important causes of bad breath in cats.

Decline of important senses

As with humans, a cat’s sense of sight and hearing tend to decline with age. Senior cats are more prone to developing cataracts and other degenerative conditions affecting the eye. Their eyesight is also less acute compared to when they were younger. This is also true with their sense of hearing. The decline of these two core senses means that your senior cat Pets Health needs to be confined indoors so he will be safe from hazards that lurk outdoors.


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