Digestive Disorders In Reptiles – Adenovirus Infection

Adenoviruses have been linked to severe liver damage and gastrointestinal problems in reptiles. Snakes are the most common reptile species that are affected. Bearded dragons and Jackson’s chameleons can also suffer from the infection. Adenoviruses can be passed from reptile to reptile via contaminated animal droppings.

Early symptoms are often seen in young reptiles, although adults can also be affected although to a lesser extent. Affected reptiles are weak and lethargic, and suffer from diarrhea. They can also lose weight. Without treatment, adenovirus infection can prove to be fatal, thus you should take your pet to your vet as soon as you spot symptoms of infection.

The symptoms are often mistaken for coccidiosis infection as well as some types of nutritional disorders. Your vet will conduct specific tests to arrive at a correct diagnosis so treatment can be started as soon as possible. Sick reptiles should be quarantined for at least 3 months (minimum).


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